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Chiropractic care has been beneficial for asthma sufferers for decades. There is an intimate link between our nervous system and our respiratory system (aka breathing system).  An unbalanced autonomic nervous system often causes every system to experience stress.  This is why many times patients report ease of their asthma symptoms throughout the process of care in chiropractic offices around the world. Drugs, though somewhat effective in reducing symptoms, are not addressing the underlying cause to the difficulty of breathing.

What’s Behind It All?

Another one of the progressively increasing pediatric conditions, asthma, has rates that are becoming higher and higher.

The increase in families with high paced lifestyles and the increase in the amount of chemicals in our environment are some of the factors contributing to common pediatric conditions.  Nervous systems are kept at a heightened state due to expectations of instant gratification.  The more we focus on removing germs, using antibiotics, cleaning everything, and being inside airtight houses the higher these rates will likely soar.

Exposure to chemical, physical, and emotional stress in our lifestyles should affect every kid in the family the same, shouldn’t it?  Let’s look a little deeper...

Chiropractic Connection

There are two main neurological reasons chiropractic patients report ease of asthma symptoms.

First, your diaphragm is the primary muscle used for breathing. Nerves that control each breath leave your brain and exit the spinal cord in the mid-neck (C3, C4 and C5) area. Spinal problems (we refer to them as blown fuses) in this area can have significant effects on the amount of life the diaphragm is receiving.

Second, if there is exposure to many environmental chemicals the lungs can get very stressed out and irritated.  When the lungs are overly irritated our immune system becomes involved and our lungs cannot use oxygen efficiently causing difficult breathing.

Removing these blown fuses in the spine with chiropractic may help restore proper nervous system control of the lungs (breathing) and improved function/healing can begin.

Need More Evidence?

As more and more research is being done in chiropractic I expect they will continue to find how much chiropractic benefits kids and adults.  More recent research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research showed the results experienced by 81 children with asthma who received chiropractic care. The two-month study revealed that those under care saw a 45% decrease in the number of “attacks” and that 31% of the subjects voluntarily chose to decrease their medication. EASY BREATHING!

All this from improved nervous system control of the lungs!

Chiropractic May Help You...

Chiropractic care has the potential to reduce the amount and intensity of asthma attacks. If you’re wondering if chiropractic care could help you or your family, make an appointment today and we’ll discuss the options that may change your life.