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Few things are as hard for a parent as watching your child get sick over and over.  If you are reading this then you likely know this feeling too well.  We want to do everything we know for our child but rarely are we told what is going on in our child’s body and how the immune system works.  All we know is medicine, and sometimes we even try the same drugs over and over when they barely worked the first time. If this sounds familiar...

It’s time to look at sickness for what it is.

A Beaver Dam

When a beaver builds a dam what happens to the water behind the dam?  It begins to back up and get congested.  Much like this scenario, when nerves are not working correctly that control the muscles of the throat, face, and ear canal then fluid begins to dam up (congestion, recurring fluid, cough, etc).  Many times a major key explaining how ear infections seem to miraculously reduce or stop after chiropractic adjustments.  Even after infections have plagued a child for a long time.

Why Does Your Child KEEP Getting Sick?

You are not alone.  So many parents watch their kids get sick and well just to get sick again.  Have you seen antibiotics, steroids, and possibly more pass through your child?  Hopefully you have questioned why they keep getting sick and deep down you know there is something missing.  You know your child should have a better immune system than this!

Your child's neuroimmune control of their immune system may be weakened. So many times, this is where we come in at Radiant Life.  The spine is rarely looked at by most doctors and parents as a major cause of sickness and symptoms.  BUT… if you ask yourself, “Would I prefer to have an arm problem or a spine problem?” I think you would have a quick answer.  Now, ask the same for your child.  

We check to ensure that your child does not have a spine problem.  If they do have a problem with their spine how do you think this affects their brain?  Calming OR Stressful? You are exactly correct! A spine problem puts a lot of stress on your child's brain.  When your body and brain are stressed how well does your immune system work?

THIS IS THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENING TO YOUR CHILD! Your child’s immune system is worn out!  That is likely why they keep getting sick.

Chiropractic Helps

When this is the case it is important to make sure you find a chiropractor who will fully reset this system. A worn down immune system takes time to regain control. This is where we excel and help kids over and over beat chronic sickness. In fact, a single chiropractic adjustment is shown in research to boost the immune system up to 48% for the next 24-48hrs!!!

Now, all we have to do is figure out if your child has a spine problem.  According to current research, most babies born in the United States DO have the exact spine problem we look for.  Sadly, parents are not told this until their child is suffering from chronic sickness or worse.  Let us help boost their immune system and clear up the dammed fluid creating a healthier happier child.  As always, please ask us questions and get answers before your child struggles anymore.